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Medieval Weapons Make Great Collectibles

Medieval Weapons Make Great Collectibles

By Marc Hunter

Even in today's times people are still interested in and fascinated by the many different medieval weapons. Although no longer in general use, they are far from forgotten. One of the good things about medieval weapons is that there is one for everybody because of the sheer diversity of what is available. Another advantage of these weapons is that there are many kinds which make them great for collections. It is also possible to use these weapons, but before that can happen you must ensure that the weapon you are going to use is functional and battle ready.

Bladed weapons are a main group of the medieval times and these include various kinds of daggers and swords. There is wide range of types available for each group and so it is great for collecting and putting on display. Popular types of swords, daggers and knives include claymores, katana, cutlass, short sword, katar, machete and Scottish dirk. Of course there are also other kinds of medieval weapons and they are blunt weapons, ranged weapons and polearms or spears. The blunt weapons are well known because they include common items like battleaxes, clubs mace and war hammers. The ranged weapons are the ones that shoot arrows or other objects, such as bows, longbows and crossbows. Polearms are weapons like halberds and then there are many varieties of spears.

It is possible to collect all kinds of medieval weapons and create a general collection or to focus on historical replicas or even just a main kind of weapon, whether it is blunt, bladed or ranged. When it comes to historical replicas there is plenty to choose from since many real models have been found and copied. For example, there is the Scottish military basket hilt sword, the claymore used by William Wallace, a.k.a. Braveheart or the battleaxes used by the English forces.

Medieval weapons can also be used for reenactments of battles or for practicing, but to do so the weapons must meet certain requirements. They must be made to be battle ready and functional, which means that materials other than stainless steel are used for the blades and must be made using proven claying methods for forging swords. The blade edges also need to be sharpened before using and the weapon must be balanced and have the right grip so that you do not lose control of your medieval weapons.

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