Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Looking for Functional Clam Shell Rapier Battle Ready Sword

Finding a battle ready sword can be a real tasking experience. Most retailers usually sell display swords. The type of swords that are designed for the collector. While display swords are less dangerous than Battle ready swords, you shouldn't take it as a license to be careless when handling them.

Battle ready swords on the other hand can actually be used in battle and combat. Hence the name - Battle Ready Swords. One battle ready sword that will make a great addition to your collection is the Functional Clam Shell Rapier Battle Ready Sword.

Functional Clam Shell Rapier Battle ready sword by Mariano Zamorano of Toledo Spain is a hand forged replica reproduction of a 16th century rapier sword.

This fully functional combat ready rapier sword was painstakingly hand made with a hand forged carbon steel blade. The double hand clam guard, quillons , knuckle-guard, wire wrapped grip and pommel trimmings are made by hand in iron by the world famous, fifth generation, Toledo Spain swordsmith Mariano Zamorano.

Bearing the famous "MZ" trademark, this limited production sword is a prized collectible for the discriminating collector.

This fully functional rapier sword is tailored to meet the demands of re-enactment and stage combat.

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