Thursday, 18 August 2011

Movie Swords for Sale and Special Coupon Code

New Stars on the Show
We've been busy the past few weeks and are
happy to announce that we now have a cool
collection of Movie Swords and Armor that
will continue to grow over the coming weeks.
Below are a few of our favorites. Which of them
will you add to your collection?

 Spartan Sword-300 Movie Replica
Our Price  - $219 
Golden king Arthur Excalibur sword with plaque

Our Price  - $117
Gladiator Sword of Maximus by Marto
Our Price  - $777 
Assassin's Creed fighting knife and belt
Our Price  - $139 
Spartan Helmet-300 Movie Replica
Our Price  - $277 
King Leonidas Helmet-Authentic 300 Movie Replica
Our Price  - $349 
Spartan shield-300 movie replica
Our Price  - $309 
Alexander the Great Round Shield by Marto
Our Price  - $4,577 

Also check out our Samurai Swords and Miniature Swords, some of which
we've recently reduced the price.
You can use coupon code MOVIE7 to get a 7% discount on your order.
This coupon code expires on Aug 31st.
Send all questions and comments to
Have a fantastic week.
P.S. - If you're thinking of buying a medieval sword, do you know the 3 things
you should consider before making a purchase? Check this article we 

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