Monday, 14 May 2012

New Medieval Items on Knight Medieval Swords

Hope this mail finds you well.
It's been quite a while but we've been busy in that period.
With summer round the corner, we wanted to do something
special for you. Before we reveal the special coupon code
for your next order,check out some of the new and popular
items we now have in stock.
Click on the links below to go to the product page.
The 1840 United States Army NCO Sword with Scabbard

Sale Price - $69.99
Arthurian Dagger of Mordred
Sale Price - $39.00
Miniature Templar Knight Sword (Gold)
Sale Price - $27.00
Miniature Templar Knight Sword (Silver)
Sale Price - $27.00
German Pickelhaube Helmet
Sale Price - $119.99
Golden Knight Helmet 
Sale Price - $119.99
King Arthur Shield
Sale Price - $379
Templar Knight Scottish Cross Shield
Sale Price - $439
You can use coupon code SUMMER12 to get a 12% discount
when you place your order.
Send any questions or comments you have to
Have a great day.
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